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Seil Special Steel

Type of Business

20 High Cold Rolled Mill
Carbon Steel Strip
Seatbelt Spring Assembly


0 Persons


0 m2


570-17 Sebusaneupdoro
Jeongeupsi Jeollabukdo,
South Korea

Seil Special Steel is a specialized in manufacturing seatbelt spring.

Seil Special Steel is a specialized in manufacturing seatbelt spring. We make cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. Since established, we have served customers with best-quality products through endless R&D and investment in equipment and facility. All the management and staff of Seil Special Steel are doing their best in one mind to realize customer deep impression beyond customer satisfaction by meeting on-time delivery based on stable facility operation and solid production.

In addition, we are making a full effort to improve the quality of our products and develop new types of steel by greatly reinforcing the functions of the R&D institute to swiftly respond to the market demand for high quality and high functions. Therefore, we are ready to work with you in the future.

Wishing your endless success and prosperity, Seil Special Steel promises that it, as the frontrunner in the field of high cold rolled steel and stainless steel will become “a company that loves customers and that customers love”.

Seil Special Steel hopes that you will have your continuous interest and participation in us so we can grow and develop further.

Thank you very much.